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whimsical Michiganders gain creative & bold new business venture

What word comes to mind when I recap Mark and I’s experience with Life and Whim, a lifestyle brand from Traverse City, Michigan? Hmm…fluid? Maybe, smooth? What I’m really trying to say here, is that Jay and Heather Harrington were quite possibly the definition of “easy-going”. From start to finish Heather knew exactly what she wanted and the vision she had for her brand . I like a gal who knows what she likes. A true artist is a visionary, and we could not wait to make it a reality for this awesome family of five. The business of Life and Whim is best described on their Instagram page, “We design goods that are inspired by the beauty of Northern Michigan and our passion for the great outdoors. What we make is what we love.”

Mark and I picked up this 1964 Williams Craft camper from a nomadic family in Poplar Bluff, Missouri. We took it to our shop in Mountain Home, Arkansas and began giving this 50+ year old beauty some TLC. After installing gorgeous, white-wash Pergo flooring and adding some funky black and white tile—we could not wait to hand over this bright blue mobile shop. We relocated “Susie Q”, the quirky name for Life and Whim’s pop-up shop, down at the Bull Shoals-White River State Park. With the tremendous help from our friends at our local Lowe’s, we were able to stage this camper with gorgeous plants and flowers. We picked bright, tropical flowers for the outside that popped against the bright blue exterior and fanciful white lanterns to frame out the entrance. The interior had funky succulents and cacti to compliment the gold finishing’s and butcher block counter tops, also furnished by Lowe’s Home Improvement. When our clients saw their camper for the first time it was such an enhanced feeling seeing it so jazzed up and ready to take on the streets of Traverse City. We appreciate all our friends at Lowe’s, especially Patrick, John, and Mark—you guys ROCK!

Life and Whim has already used “Susie Q” for their first event, Fairy Fest in Traverse City. To see photographs of this once dated, and worn down camper, to a bright and creative shop makes me so happy. I’m very thankful for the experience Jay and Heather gave Mark Bertel Jr. Construction. It was a fabulous experience from start to finish, and we wish only continued success to their family!

With one project down, you know we were ready to boogie on to the next…try Byrd and Barrel, a gourmet chicken joint doing some funky new takes on classic dishes. With owner Bob Brazell’s creative freedom to Mark, you bet we got something really groovy in store….

Kelsey Jo & Buzz

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